Badu Jet Turbo Pro

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For wall installation in all pool designs, with prefabricated pools up to a wall thickness of 7 mm, except round pool.
For performance-oriented professional workouts, for relaxation, rehab training, fitness or for fun.

Through a flush-mounted installation housing in the pool, water is drawn in through the panel using innovative propeller technology and returned to the pool with a powerful jet. The system is driven by an efficient, fanless, fully encapsulated permanent magnet motor. The power control as well as the switching on and off takes place via the integrated piezo button or a remote control. Note: max. Salt concentration 0.5%

  • ABS installation housing
  • ABS nozzle housing
  • cover ABS / stainless steel V4A
  • PPE intermediate flange
  • plastic drive unit
  • SiC / SiC plain bearings
  • V4A stainless steel screws

Standard mounting kit (for Design 1 and Design 2)

scope of delivery

  • plastic installation housing
  • intake panel
  • stainless steel cover V4A design 1 or design 2
  • magnet unit
  • nozzle unit
  • piezo button
  • seals
  • V4A stainless steel screws

BADU JET Turbo Pro Antriebssatz
Drive set 3 N ~ (3 phases alternating current)

Scope of delivery

  • motor unit
  • frequency converter
  • control box
  • remote control
  • V4A stainless steel screws
  • connection cable, shielded, 10 m

Technical specifications
at 50/60 Hz BADU JET Turbo Pro frequency converter

  • power 4.00 kW
  • mains voltage 380-480 V
  • net weight 6.00 kg

Technical specifications

at 50/60 Hz BADU JET Turbo Pro drive unit

  • flow rate 150-350 m³ / h
  • power consumption P1 / output P2 3.60 / 3.00 kW
  • number of nozzles 1 (Ø 172 mm)
  • outflow speed 1.80-4.10 m / s
  • nozzle can be swiveled on all sides ± 5 degrees
  • net weight 51.50 kg