Link-Touch Control System

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  • portable control for heat pump, lighting and cover
  • including connector # 3601
  • with high-frequency connection (wireless)
  • for a stable connection with pool lighting, heat pump and pool cover
  • can also be used in cellars and technical rooms with a long range
  • simple operation thanks to clear presentation
  • including long-life battery (30 days standby)
  • rechargeable via USB connection
  • including wall bracket (can be connected directly to a power source or freestanding installation)
  • dimensions: 186 x 88 x 17 mm,
  • protection IP20
  • exclusively for AdagioPro RGB LED, see catalog page 176


  • requires control # RC-150 / # RCO-150, see catalog page 183
  • temperature control of the heat pump only possible with connector # 3601
  • temperature display on the Link Touch only possible with connector # 3601


Connection module for link touch

Rquired as an accessory for temperature control of the heat pump via Link-Touch. The connection is made between the board and the display via the contact plug the heat pump. Suitable for: MIDA.Maxx (from series 2020), MIDA.Boost and MIDA.Force. Note: Cannot be connected to the WiFi module at the same time.